TSI Starter Pack

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This pack values out at $20 worth of merch and includes:

  • [$5 Value] 1 - TSI Bumper Sticker (3”x5” - Transparent Back)
  • [$6 Value] 2 - TSI Vinyl Stickers (2”x5” and you get two!)
  • [$2 Value] 1 - Custom Guitar Pick (First Edition)
  • [$5 Value] 1 - First Release Collectable TSI Card (Only 100 Printed)
  • [$2 Value] 1 - Free Digital Copy of our current Single "Drugs and Coffee"

*All profits towards EP Completion*

What’s special about this pack? Well for starters, it’s all first edition and only 100 were printed. So if we do get big, those will be pretty valuable we think :P This is also the release of the first Collectable Card in a series that will include a card for all of our releases as they come out. But if you want it cheaper, join our email list ;)