TSI Starter Pack

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We're so stoked you subscribed to our list that we just had to give you something for choosing to support us! This pack values out at $20 worth of merch and includes:

  • [$5 Value] 1 - TSI Bumper Sticker (3”x5” - Transparent Back)
  • [$6 Value] 2 - TSI Vinyl Stickers (2”x5” and you get two!)
  • [$2 Value] 1 - Custom Guitar Pick (First Edition)
  • [$5 Value] 1 - First Release Collectable TSI Card (Only 100 Printed)
  • [$2 Value] 1 - Free Digital Copy of our current Single "Drugs and Coffee"

What’s special about this pack? Well for starters, it’s all first edition and only 100 were printed. So if we do get big, those will be pretty valuable we think :P This is also the release of the first Collectable Card in a series that will include a card for all of our releases as they come out.

BONUS GIFT! - The first 100 Sold will get their CD and Collectable Card Signed by the band!